The Webot telepresence robot .

Webot – is a telepresence (remote presence)bot, allowing a person to perform actions at its location via a PC and the internet. It allows to remotely observe the events and converse with other people, see the surroundings and get around with the pace of a man.

The robot’s schematics resemble human structure. It has a head, housing a camera and a microphone – your eyes and ears. They are mounted on a turret platform performing head turns like those of a human. Due to modern advances in the teleconference technology the quality of sound and video is only limited by the bandwidth of your internet connection and will dynamically adapt to it. Using a completely new codec for this significantly reduces traffic. With regard to this feature the users are enjoying a much closer "effect of presence" compared to analogues.


  1. Providing remote assistance in shopping centers. Assisting a customer in the selection of merchandise. The system permits to decrease the number of shop assistants by utilizing the robot’s functions.
  2. Supervising. Monitoring Work of your employees, their workplace attendance and conversations with them. All of these tasks can be remotely managed by this robot. The experience utilizing such robots the employee performance improves with its presence, tend to be less distractive.

  3. Remote superiors. Now the general director can always be present on meetings, watch over the employees, converse with guests using the «remote presence» technology. Alternatively, guests can remotely access the robot via the web-browser and virtually visit the company.
  4. Remote visits to museums and exhibits. In all corners of the world every day many different events occur, many of which we desire to attend. Now everyone can visit a museum or an exhibit in Paris, Saint-Petersburg, New-York, London, Sydney, Moscow without crossing the globe using the unique abilities of this robot. The service for such remote visits can be located at the target organization’s web site.
  5. «Robot-attractor». Using the robot as an intelligent mobile advertisement to attract customers in a shopping center or public places. Apart from using the audible and display features the robot’s body can be decorated with company logos and adds.
  6. Merchandizing. Laying out merchandise in a pre- defined pattern on the shelves, checking set completeness, keeping shop appearance in]order, supervising room layout compliance and other organization issues. Having many affiliate stores in different regions can make this task quite difficult for a major trade company. The solution may very well be this remote presence robot, which will allow a merchandiser from the head-office to perform the task remotely.


Significantly improved video conferences. The ability to put out the bot control interface on own website or use ours.

Software-clients for bot control are adopted for a wide range of PC platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux.

A much longer autonomal operation time compared to competitors – up to 12 hours.

low price.

Easy to control and improved quality of means to view the surroundings.


  • Ask prices in the sales department. To purchase, a pre-order is required 1 month prior.
  • Delivery time – Under 10 units, one month after pre-order.
  • Renting is possible.
  • Free trial testing for up to 2 weeks.
  • Technical service within the Moscow region is free for 6 months after the purchase and for the trial testing period.