Multimedia robot
A robot-actor in a robotic theater
This system allows you to play out pre-defined actions:
  • 3-D motion
  • Remote manipulator arm movement
  • A video

All actions can be synchronized. For this there is a term “scenario” – The description of the robot’s actions in the form of a XML code using a special scenario editor.

Robot’s features:

  • The robot can move from point A to point B, rotate in-place. You can order it to move to a point in space with pre-defined coordinates, and it will do so.
  • You can specify the angle setpoints for each manipulator arm joint, and the arm will obey with precision.
  • From the rear the robot is equipped with an operator touch-panel. It is used to start the system and select the scenario, so a highly skilled operator is not required.

Main characteristics:

  • Autonomous working time: From 2 to 5 hours, based on load (Possible to increase to 8 hours)
  • Speed – up to 0.5 m/s
  • Weight – 10 kg
  • Carcass material – aluminum
  • Boot time – 1 minute.
  • A wireless operation via a joystick
  • Automated control through the use of scenarios
  • A wireless operation via a Wi-Fi connection
  • 1 USB port is available to expand the functionalities
  • Operator touch-panel.
  • 2 display monitors
  • A 4 watt support sound system
  • Straight motion, rotation
  • Coordinate tracking. Closed-loop controls
  • An RGB interactive body lighting system

Robot’s market implementation: The robot can be used as an advertisement agent to attract customers in a shopping center or any other public mass-gathering locations. Apart from utilizing the video and sound functions the robot’s body can be decorated with company logos, brand names, adds, etc.

In addition the robot can be complemented with:

  • A transportation container/case
  • Positioning adjustment systems using ultrasound beacons