Indicator display
LCD indicator display controlled by the modbus protocol
This instrument has been engineered and implemented to allow the visualization of data like the results of measuring physical values on a bright LED display. Devices of this type can be integrated to form a network and a consecutive network at that, which reduces the number of connections. The circuit board of the device has only 2 layers, the components are allocated using the hole mounting method. The device dimensions are 110x50 mm which allows for a comfortable visualization of displayed data from several meters away. The standard Modbus industrial protocol is used to exchange data which simplifies the work allowing the data to be entered both, from a simple PC via the libmodbus library and through a PLC, that has the RS-485 and a ModBus library.

Market implementation: The indicator can be a part of an industrial testing unit for displaying physical values. By using the standard Modbus protocol the indicator may be used in building automation systems and APCSs for displaying error codes and other physical values

General specifications:

  • The data exchange rate is 57600 baud.
  • The power supply voltage is 9-36 volts.
  • The Communications interface RS-485.
  • The ModBus RTU communications protocol.
  • Displaying 0-9 digits and characters A-F.
  • Built-in data parser.
  • Displaying images by writing data lines in to the ModBus registers.