It is a mobile autonomic system allowing a person to perform actions at its location via a PC and the internet. It permits to remotely observe the events and converse with other people, see the surroundings and get around with the pace of a man.
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Indicator display
This instrument has been engineered and implemented to allow the visualization of data like the results of measuring physical values on a bright LED display. Devices of this type can be integrated to form a network and a consecutive network at that, which reduces the number of connections. The circuit board of the device has only 2 layers, the components are allocated using the hole mounting method.
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The diagnostics of ventilation ducts for dirt and congestion is a very timely problem. Before ordering an expensive ventilation shaft cleaning service it is feasible to first determine the extent of the problem. In many cases cleaning will not be required which will save money on the cleaning service. We have engineered a mobile robotic system specifically designed for this task.
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A complex circuit board to control mobile robots

Technical characteristics:
  • The board is based on the ATMega 2560 controller.
  • содерждит Has a large selection of peripheral control libraries and a real-time planner .
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Multimedia robot
This system allows you to play out pre-defined actions:
  • 3-D motion
  • Remote manipulator arm movement
  • Taping a video
All actions can be synchronized. For this there is a term “scenario” – The description of the robot’s actions in the form of a XML code using a special scenario editor.
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